This is a partial list of patents held by Softspikes.

Patent Number: Patent Title  Patent Number: Patent Title
5065534: Studs for Footwear
5123184: Removable Shoe Spike Lockable to Configured Sole
5259129: Winter Golf Shoe Spikes
5321901: Studs and Sockets for Studded Footwear
5367793: Winter Golf Shoe Spikes
5452526: Footwear Having an Outsole Stiffener
5524367: Removable Shoe Spike Lockable to Configured Sole Plate
5572807: Composite Wear-Resistant Stud for Sport Shoes
5761833: Athletic Shoe Traction System for Use on Turf
5887371: Footwear Cleat
5974700: Shoe Cleats
6009640: Golf Shoe Spikes
6023860: Athletic Shoe Cleat
6041526: Ground-Gripping Elements for Shoe Soles
6052923: Golf Cleat
6094843: Footwear Cleat
6167641: Athletic Shoe Cleat
6209230: Footwear Cleat
6237797: Golf Shoe Spikes
6248278: Compression Moulding Method
6272774: Shoe Cleats
6283290: Rain Cover for a Golf Bag
6305104: Athletic Shoe Cleat
6354021: Winter Golf Shoe Spikes
6451242: Compression Moulding Method
6631571: Shoe Cleat Connector
6810608: Shoe Cleats
6823613: Studded Footwear
6834445: Shoe Cleat with Improved Traction
6834446: Indexable Shoe Cleat with Improved Traction
6904707: Indexable Shoe Cleat with Improved Traction
6983556: Quick Release Shoe Cleat
7007413: Inverse Shoe Cleat Assembly and Method of Installation
7040043: Shoe Cleat
7086182: Golf Shoe Cleat
7107708: Studded Footwear
7137213: Studded Footwear
7398610: Footwear Cleat with Blade-Like Traction Elements
7946062: Studded Footwear
8020322: Multi-Traction Effect Shoe Cleat
8191286: Traction Cleat System for an Athletic Shoe
8201348: Studded Footwear
8245422: Athletic Shoe Cleat with Dynamic Traction and Method of Making and Using Same
8544195: Method and Apparatus for Interconnecting Traction Cleats and Receptacles
8631591: Replaceable Traction Cleat for Footwear
8667714: Attached and Locking System for Replaceable Traction Cleats
8707588: Traction Cleat for Footwear
8769751: Method of Attaching a Traction Cleat to a Shoe Mounted Receptacle
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