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Why Should You Wear Spikes?

Simply put, spiked footwear provides better traction on the tee box, in the rough, and in the traps... and better traction means a smoother, more powerful and accurate swing. Check out our full line of replaceable spikes and get started on a better game today. 

Black Widow®

The #1 Selling Spike in the World!

• Flexible Legs
• Exceptional Grip
• Green Friendly
• Best in class traction and comfort. 

Black Widow Tour®

The World's First Adjustable Spike

• Flexible Legs & Adjustable Support Ring
• Secondary Cushioning Towers
• Green Friendly
• Two Comfort Settings 


Unmatched Stability & Comfort

• Maximum Performance 
• Flexor Knuckles Provide Enhanced Strength
• Reinforced Arched Webbing
• Green Friendly 


Pivix Cleat PreviewUltimate Traction & Stability

• Reinforced Spring-Flex Legs 
• Low Profile
• Green Friendly 

Silver Tornado™

Silver Tornado Cleat PreviewUnparalleled Spike/Receptacle Retention

• Three (3) Pairs of Flexible Legs
• Low Profile Stability
• Green Friendly 


Stealth Cleat PreviewExclusively Offered for PINS

• Low Profile Design 
• High Level of Balance & Stability
• Green Friendly 


Cyclone Cleat PreviewAdvanced Rotational Design

• Multi-Material Construction 
• Flexible Legs
• Extended Life
• Green Friendly 

Tour Flex Pro®

Exclusive Center Stinger Post

• Ten Points of Contact 
• Reacts and Flexes with Every Twist
• Incredible Traction and Unmatched Stability 


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We can help you determine what insert system your shoe has and which cleats fit best for your needs.


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