A Grand Slam for Golf Spikes!

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., July 18, 2022– PrideSports® confirms the winner of the 2022 Open Championship in historic St. Andrews, Scotland!

The newest Champion Golfer of the Year charged through the back nine on Sunday to secure his first Major! The winner was wearing his FootJoy Premier shoes with a combination of the flexible Pulsar spike made by Softspikes® and the aggressive metal Pro-Stinger spike made by CHAMP®. This combination gave the Champion the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance.

With a win at The Open Championship, Softspikes and CHAMP can confirm that replacement golf spikes have been worn by each Major Champion of the 2022 season. A Grand Slam.

Not only did the winner wear replaceable golf spikes, the Top 10 finishers were also utilizing traction technology.

“Week after week we see the best players in the world using our product to help them go low in big moments” said Joe Henderson, President of PrideSports®. “No moment is bigger than a Major championship and to see our product on the bottom of the shoes of each and every Major winner this year is exceptional”.

Replacement Softspikes® and CHAMP® cleats can be purchased in the golf section of most large retailers, sporting goods stores, golf specialty and golf course pro shops across the country. Cleats can also be purchased online from any of these locations, your favorite online store or directly from www.golfspikes.com.

PrideSports is the undisputed leader in the golf cleat segment with its CHAMP® and Softspikes® brands. The company recommends golfers change their cleats every six to eight months – or even more frequently based on use – to ensure golfers get the maximum performance out of their footwear.

CHAMP’s Helix®, Zarma Tour® and Stinger® cleats, as well as Softspikes’ Pivix®, Pulsar®, Silver Tornado and Stealth® cleats, dominate the OEM and secondary market in terms of performance and sales.

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